How to save money on fast food in Turkey

It is the time of year when families in Turkey can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying their favourite foods, including fast food.

Food companies have been scrambling to fill orders, which is causing food prices to rise by over 15% in the past year.

With food prices soaring, people are starting to realise that they cannot afford to spend their money on fancy food items.

People are starting their shopping in earnest, said Ali, an employee at a Turkish fast food outlet in Istanbul.

“We have been working hard to try and keep the prices down, but we are seeing more and more people stopping at the register to eat their favourite food,” Ali told Al Jazeera.

“People are buying things that are cheaper, so they are finding cheaper food.”

Food prices have been on a rise in recent years, with consumers spending more on food.

The average Turkish family spent 2,816,000 tesla ($10,717) in 2012, up 10% from the previous year.

In the same year, the average family spent 1,863,000 Tesla, up 3.2%.

Al Jazeera’s Mehmet Gokcek, reporting from Istanbul, said that this increase has been linked to the global economic crisis.

The crisis, which has led to record levels of unemployment, has seen people with lower income levels and more disposable income spending less on food, according to the Turkish National Bank.

Ali said he was glad that he had found a fast food restaurant.

“It’s great that I’m not alone,” he said.

“I can get my favourite Turkish fast-food restaurant, and I can eat it whenever I want.”

Ali said that he did not eat fast food all the time.

He said that his family used to buy vegetables and fruits to feed their children, but now they would buy rice and meat, as well as sweets.

The Turkish fast casual chain Fandango, which offers a variety of food and drinks, said it had received a surge of orders from families.

“In the past, we have had a few customers who came to our restaurants and were interested in ordering fast food for the family, but this is the first time they have ordered food at Fandangoes,” said Fandange.

In addition to food prices, Turkish fast fast food is also experiencing a rise of food-borne diseases.”

We are very pleased with the positive feedback from our customers and are eager to continue our success in the coming months.”

In addition to food prices, Turkish fast fast food is also experiencing a rise of food-borne diseases.

Ali’s family said that they were not worried about the outbreak of food poisoning that has been reported in Turkey.

“When I saw the pictures of people who had been eating with contaminated food, I was not worried.

It is only when the news of the contamination hit that I started to panic,” he told Al-Jazeera.”

I think the worst of the virus is still in Turkey and there are many people infected, so it will not affect us at all.

I don’t think there is any danger for us.”

Ali’s mother said that the family had to buy cheap chicken from a nearby chicken farm, which they then had to cook at home.

“This is not the first chicken farm in Turkey where we have seen a problem,” she said.

“The chicken is cheap and it is healthy and it can even be eaten with rice.”

Ali added that he was not too concerned about the cost of food in his family.

“My mother is the most educated person in my family, so we are happy with our purchases,” he explained.

“This is a family that has always been healthy, and we can eat whatever we want.”

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