What’s the most popular fast food place in Australia?

Posted February 14, 2020 09:16:59 The fastest-growing fast food chain in Australia is one that’s popular with young people.

ABC News Australia has the scoop on what it’s like to go to fast food joints around the country and what it would take to change the culture.

Fast food has been a staple in Australian life for more than 100 years, but now the chain is experiencing a revival with fast food restaurants around the nation opening their doors to young people aged between 14 and 30.

A new generation of fast food chains are opening in the fast food industry in an effort to meet the growing demand.

“I think a lot of the fast-food industry is getting into the lifestyle-orientated lifestyle of food.

That’s where they’re looking for the younger crowd,” Dr Sarah Wilson said.

A number of the new fast food franchises are opening to serve young people and many of them are opening fast food hours.

Wilson said young people were being exposed to fast-casual fast food in their communities and fast food has become an accepted part of their culture.

There are some fast food outlets that are opening on weekends, and Wilson said they were trying to open more outlets on Sundays.

“We’ve got the opportunity to open on Sundays, so that’s the way we want to start.

We’re trying to get the most bang for our buck, we want the best product that we can find,” she said.

Wilson said the trend of the trend has been to open at night, and she hopes to change that.

“This is where the kids want to go, it’s where the parents want to come,” she explained.

“And that’s where we want them to go.

Fast food chain, McDonald’s is set to open a new outlet in Melbourne. “

We’re trying not to lose the children and the parents and the customers, but at the same time we’ve got to stay on top of it.”

Fast food chain, McDonald’s is set to open a new outlet in Melbourne.

Fast food restaurant chain, KFC is set for an expansion into Sydney, with an expanded lunch menu.

But there are also fast food businesses opening to cater to older people.

Wilson believes the trend is starting to change.

“I’ve seen a number of younger people in their 30s coming to the market for a burger,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

“There’s more than one burger that’s available for them.

And that’s when they want to stop and talk to the manager.

And then I think that’s really exciting.”

Wilson says many young people are getting into fast food.

She said she was proud to see young people coming to her fast food franchise, and said it was great to see a young person’s passion for fast food take root.

“That’s really important, I think it’s important for the community and for the country,” she noted.

The fast food empire started in Melbourne in 1905.

Today it has over 700 restaurants across Australia.

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