Why is Chipotle a top-rated restaurant chain?

A chain that has been hailed as a culinary and fast food success story, Chipotle has recently been criticized for its poor customer service and poor food.

Now, a new report shows that Chipotle may be in the midst of a backlash over its food quality.

The restaurant chain’s sales have been falling, and its stock has lost almost $1 billion since its IPO in March.

It’s not the first time that the restaurant chain has faced criticism.

In 2014, the company was found to have falsified data to justify a $10.5 billion takeover offer from Starbucks.

And last month, it faced a lawsuit from a man who alleged that he was paid $5.4 million by Chipotle to be a bodyguard to a former employee who was killed by a customer in 2016.

But this time, a group of former employees are suing the chain over alleged violations of the company’s employment policies.

The lawsuit alleges that the chain has hired too few cooks and cooks who are overqualified, and has not paid them enough.

One former employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was told by an executive that he could not work for the chain until he passed a physical fitness test.

He said that he worked for Chipotle for four years before leaving to join the military.

“When I was there, they told me I had to do the work that we were supposed to do.

I was told to go out and do the job that they told us to do,” he told Fox News.

“They didn’t tell me I was going to get paid if I got sick or injured.”

The former employee said he received only $2,000 per month, which he says was not enough for his family to cover basic living expenses.

“I think the CEO should have said, ‘We want to hire more people,’ and pay them more, instead of saying, ‘No, we’re not going to hire you unless you pass a physical.'”

According to a lawsuit filed by the former employee and another former employee in October, the restaurant company has paid out $16.6 million in back wages and $7.3 million in legal fees, including the $4 million in damages that Chipotles owner, Carlos Slim, has been ordered to pay for.

Slim has denied any wrongdoing.

The former employees said that they were told by their bosses at the time that their performance was part of Chipotle’s recruitment efforts.

The employees said they were also told that they would not be paid for any overtime they earned.

However, they said that it was not until they reached the end of their contracts that they began receiving back pay.

“That’s the way the company is set up,” said the former worker.

“And it’s not working.”

In a statement, Chipotler said that the allegations against the company were not accurate.

“The allegations in the lawsuit are untrue,” the statement said.

“We’ve been in the news a lot for the past year or so for the way we have handled our operations, including our food.

We will vigorously defend ourselves against these false claims.”

Chipotle is not the only company that has recently faced scrutiny over its customer service.

In January, The Associated Press reported that Chipots own online customer service system was plagued with errors.

“Some customers could not get through to an automated system that would take their order and print it out,” The AP reported.

“It wasn’t an automated customer service response system.

It was a human system that didn’t even work, and it was supposed to.”

Chipotlers customer service was also found to be lacking when it came to how it handled customers who could not afford to pay a tip.

The company said that customers who were able to afford to tip would be able to get an automatic refund, but only after a review of the situation.

“If a tip was made and it wasn’t a tip, we would not refund the tip,” a Chipotle spokesperson told The AP.

“In fact, if a tip is made and the tip is less than what was agreed to, then we would be unable to refund the difference.”

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