What happens when a giant-sized chicken goes belly-up in a fast food restaurant?

The biggest chicken in the world went belly-down on an ersatz fast food menu in a San Francisco fast food joint in the United States.

It is the latest instance of chicken failure to hit the fast food industry in recent years, with the most recent being the death of the king of chicken.

The video clip is believed to have been filmed at a restaurant in the city, and shows a chicken with a small hole in its back.

It was first reported by local news site KCRA-TV.

The incident was captured on a camera by a restaurant employee who was standing nearby.

The chicken then went belly up on the counter, and was taken to the hospital for surgery.

The restaurant is believed the chicken died due to food poisoning.

But, the chicken didn’t die, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Instead, the restaurant’s manager was reportedly on the scene and was able to save the chicken.

“We did everything we could to save him,” said San Francisco-based restaurant owner Andrew Chavarro.

“And we were able to do that, and we’re very grateful.”

Chavaro, who is the owner of the fast-food restaurant, said the chicken suffered some serious injuries, but that he has no idea how many chickens died in the incident.

“I think there were maybe maybe two or three chickens that were eaten by a human, that were not in the chicken, that weren’t in the shell,” he said.

“All the chicken were OK.”

He added that the restaurant would not reopen.

The Associated Press reported that the owner told the AP that he had received no complaints.

The Chronicle reported that customers said they were disappointed with the restaurant, and some said the restaurant is still closed.

“There’s not much that can be done to fix the situation, and there’s no money to fix it,” said Chavaru, who added that he plans to sell his restaurant.

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