How to be a fast food worker in a Trump economy

Fast food workers are being laid off in a major way across the country, according to a new report from the fast food industry.

Fast food workers in particular have seen a massive drop in wages and benefits over the last several years.

Many fast food workers have seen their wages decline from $14 an hour to just $7 an hour.

Fast Food Workers United, an industry group, has released a report that outlines the problems facing fast food employees in the United States.

The report also finds that the fast foods are not getting the jobs they need.

The report, Fast Food Jobs for All, is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and it shows that a quarter of all jobs in the U.S. are now in service industry, with about 7 percent of the jobs in service-based jobs.

Fast-food workers in general are being targeted for job cuts.

The BLS reports that the majority of jobs in fast food have been lost since 2010, and the fast-food industry is seeing a massive decline in jobs.

Fast food is the fastest growing sector of the U, with the number of jobs it creates in the past year growing by 30 percent, according the BLS.

The fast food sector also is seeing its jobs grow faster than wages.

A recent BLS report showed that while the average hourly wage for fast food cooks increased from $11.13 in 2012 to $15.25 in 2016, the average salary for those jobs has fallen by 3.3 percent.

Fast Foods are also seeing their wages drop in the last few years.

According to the Bls report, fast food wages fell by nearly 20 percent between 2010 and 2015, while wages for fast-casual workers declined by 14.9 percent.

In addition to fast food, other industries are being impacted by the fast and furious industry.

The labor group Fight for 15 has been tracking the fast casual workers for years and the labor group Fair Labor Association has been on a campaign to make sure they get a fair deal.

In the report, the fast fast casual sector is seeing the largest decrease in jobs in any sector, as well as the biggest decline in the number and size of jobs.

The BLS says fast food and retail workers are the most vulnerable to job losses in the fast track, and Fast Food Workers for All says that they are especially vulnerable in the restaurant industry.

The organization is calling on fast food companies to stop cutting wages and improve working conditions for workers.

The group is also calling on employers to give fast food fast food an equal wage to other jobs, which includes offering workers the same pay and benefits.

The jobs lost at fast food are not necessarily those that you think of as fast food work, according.

Many of the fast work is performed by people who are not part of the workforce, or they work in a warehouse, an assembly line, or a delivery truck.

It’s really not like a fast casual job.

There’s a lot of flexibility for the people that do those jobs.

And it’s not just a loss of jobs for fast casuals.

The fast food service industry is also suffering from the decline in wages for all workers.

Fast Food Working America, an organization that tracks the fast industry, reports that hourly wages for hourly fast food servers and bartenders are down 15 percent in the first six months of 2017.

Fast casuals are also not receiving the same benefits that fast food waitresses and other hourly employees receive.

And the BSL report shows that fast casual jobs are the least productive, the least flexible, and it also shows that there is a gap between fast casual and hourly wages.

In fact, fast casual employment has also fallen by nearly 10 percent in recent years.

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