You might have a fast food mascot of your own

Fast food mascot, pizza, fast food restaurant, fast-food pizza, pizza delivery, fast, fast delivery, pizza fast source New York Daily News title Is there a fast-casual pizza fast food franchise in the US?

article The Fast Food Restaurant Association has been lobbying the government for fast food restaurants to be required to wear a ‘fast food’ logo on their food, with many businesses saying it would be illegal to do otherwise.

It comes after fast food chains including Pizza Hut and Taco Bell were forced to adopt a ‘family friendly’ logo after a lawsuit.

‘I think it would definitely be a problem,’ said the association’s director of communications, Scott Hirsch.

‘If you’re looking for a fast casual pizza you’re not going to find it in the fast food chain, it’s not the same thing.’

Fast food chains have been lobbying against the logo change in the past, with the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s all saying the branding was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘frivolous’.

‘Pizza Hut’s decision to go back to the old logo is the right one, but if you want to go in the other direction, we’re not saying no to that,’ Mr Hirsch said.

‘We don’t want to have a logo that’s just too old.’

A new logo could be used to better connect with customers and increase customer satisfaction,’ he added.

In December last year, the US Food and Drug Administration announced a proposal to change fast food logo requirements to include ‘family-friendly’ or ‘family service’ elements.

Fast food chain Pizza Hut was forced to change its logo from a logo with a cartoon ‘P’ to a logo featuring an American flag in June 2017 after the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against it over the logo.

Pizza Hut had previously said that its logo was ‘appropriate and culturally relevant’ and it would not use a ‘naughty’ image.

In July 2018, Pizza Hut announced it would stop using the ‘family’ logo in its fast food stores, instead opting to use a simple ‘pizza’ logo, saying: ‘We’ve got an opportunity to make a significant change in our business to ensure that we are serving a diverse range of customers.

‘This is a significant step forward and we’re excited to take it forward.’

Pizza Hut also said it would no longer use a graphic with ‘pornographic’ or other inappropriate language in its advertising.

‘The logo will be replaced with a more visually appealing ‘pizzas’ logo,’ the company said.

The logo change is expected to be introduced to the fast casual category next month.

Pizza chain Subway has also been lobbying hard against the change, saying that it ‘is not appropriate and culturally appropriate to use’ the ‘nasty’ ‘p’ image and that it will ‘not use a logo in the ‘pink’ or the ‘purple’ colours.’

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