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What is fast food in the USA?

Fast food has been around in America for quite some time.

It’s a staple of the American diet, and there are many variations on the menu.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Fast food is the name given to many different types of foodstuff, from hamburgers to fried chicken.

It has been a staple food in America since the mid 1800s.

As the name suggests, the term refers to the foodstuff cooked in the home.

But fast food has grown in popularity as the industry grew and changed.

The name fast food is taken from the hamburger (beef), while the term “fries” came from the French fries, which were usually fried.

The fast food industry has grown and changed, so the fast food chain is still a very old one.

But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t changed.

Fast-food chains have grown in the United States and have changed their menus over time.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the oldest fast food chains.1.

KFC: Originally known as the KFCs, KFC started out as a fast food restaurant chain.

The original KFC location in Detroit opened in 1932 and has since expanded to include a variety of locations throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries.

The franchise chain has grown into one of the largest fast food brands in the country.

It is owned by KFC Holdings LLC.2.

McDonald’s: Founded in 1946, McDonald’s is one of America’s largest fast-food restaurants, serving over 1.2 billion customers in the U.S. and Canada each year.

McDonalds is owned and operated by the John Deere Co., which is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. McDonald�s locations include the iconic drive-thru window, a major draw in the suburbs of Minneapolis.3.

Wendy�s: Found in Chicago, Wendy�’s has been known to be among the top-rated fast food restaurants in the world for decades.

In fact, Wendy’s is the only chain that has been voted the most popular fast food company in the history of the company.

Wendy’s restaurants are usually served with fries and salad.

Wendy is owned, operated, and marketed by Wendy�d Foods Inc., which also owns Burger King.4.

Burger King: Found on the west coast of the United State, Burger King was originally known as Burger King’s in San Francisco, but the name was changed to Burger King Franchise Company in 1980.

In addition to being a hamburger company, Burger Kings locations include a drive-through window, fast food counters, and a popular menu of fast food items, including fries, salad, sandwiches, and breakfast.

The burger chain is owned mostly by McDonalds and Burger King Holdings, which also runs the Burger King Express chain.5.

Taco Bell: Known for their fast food offerings, Taco Bell was founded in 1985.

Taco Belts are a combination of meat, cheese, and toppings and are served in tacos.

Taco bell has been the largest-selling fast food brand in the nation for over 30 years.

Taco stores are typically located in malls, shopping centers, and restaurants.6.

Taco Express: Taco Express is a fast-casual chain that debuted in 1993 and is now a multi-national company.

Taco’s are fast food trucks that offer burgers, hot dogs, tacos, salads, and more.

Taco has been in business in over 50 countries and territories and has a franchise network in more than 70 countries.

Taco is owned through two joint ventures: Taco Bell, which operates Taco Express, and Taco Belters, which operate Taco Express and Taco Express Belters.7.

Burger Burger: Burger Burger Burger started in 1984 and is currently the largest burger chain in the business.

Burger Burgers are made in Burger King�s West Coast headquarters.

Burger�s are also sold in restaurants across the country and on the web.

Burger is owned partly by McDonald�t Brands Inc., who also operates Burger King, Wendy, and Burger Kings.8.

Wendy Wendy is a burger chain that is owned mainly by Wendy’s.

Wendy has over 7,000 restaurants worldwide and serves over 250,000 burgers a day.

Wendy also sells the Wendy�S Bacon Ranch dressing.9.

Burger Kings: Burger Kings has been franchised in the states since 1983 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

The company has over 200 restaurants worldwide, and has franchises in more then 30 countries.

Burger locations are typically open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and are often crowded with people eating fast food.10.

Taco: Taco is a brand of fast-fast food, which is a combination fast food menu with a variety items such as chips, burgers, and hot dogs.

It was launched in 1980 and has grown rapidly in the past 20 years.

While Taco has a lot of different types, most of Taco�s products are fast-service items. Taco also

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