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How To Stop Your Fast Food Cheat: 4 Ways to Stop Cheating Fast Food

In the midst of the national epidemic of fast food fraud, a new study is shedding light on a tactic that has been employed by many restaurants to hide the price of their food: fake coupons.

The study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, says the method works by placing fake coupons on a fast food product and then having the retailer use the coupons to raise the price, which is then sent to the consumer.

The researchers say this tactic is an easy way to raise prices without actually paying for the item, which can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

The authors say this method is used by more than 50% of the fast food chain’s outlets in the U.S. and can increase the overall price of the product by more that 25%.

“When you see a fake coupon on a product, people will believe it,” study author J. Christopher Smith told National Geographic.

And consumers believe it.” “

The fraudster’s incentive is to convince the consumers that there is a coupon.

And consumers believe it.”

The study also found that many of the coupon scams, including the one reported by National Geographic, involve using fake coupons in the middle of the checkout process, and then sending the product to consumers.

“We think it’s important to emphasize that the coupons are not being used for any real purpose, but instead, to make an impression on the consumer,” Smith said.

“They’re being used as a way to boost the consumer’s purchase decision.”

The researchers are calling on the public to share their experiences with fraudulent coupon sales on social media.

You can share this article with the hashtag #FakeCoupons.

National Geographic is a part of Time Warner Cable, Inc. Time Warner is a Time Warner Company that provides high-speed Internet access and video and high-quality broadband services, including residential, business and government.

Learn more about the company and its products at TimeWarner.com.

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