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Which is the best way to eat fast food in Manila?

It is a question that seems to have become increasingly important as the Philippines continues to grapple with its economic crisis.

With a population of roughly 11 million, the capital Manila is the biggest city in the country, and is home to several major industries including fast food, luxury goods and the entertainment industry.

Many Filipinos are frustrated with the slow pace of reforms that are taking place in the city, which has been the target of frequent violent protests over a number of years.

On Wednesday, the Philippines’ senate voted to delay the approval of the controversial National Transformation Programme (NTP) by a year, citing the slow progress made by President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration in implementing the plan.

The Senate has also voted to postpone a new national census, a measure that is expected to be a key plank of the Duterte administration’s agenda, which is expected at the inauguration of his wife, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Critics say the census is a ploy to boost the popularity of the Davao Death Squad, which was formed by former Davao mayor Joseph Estrada to quell the protests of Duterte supporters who believe he is using his office to suppress dissent.

The NTP is supposed to be rolled out in 2019, but it is expected that the implementation will not be completed until 2020.

In recent weeks, Duterte’s office has faced criticism for its response to the protests, with the opposition saying the move was designed to stoke public outrage and drive a wedge between the government and the opposition.

Duterte has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in his administration, and said that the protests are an effort to distract the public from his administration’s failures.

Despite the opposition, Duterte has maintained that he is implementing the NTP.

Last month, the Philippine Commission on Human Rights said it was “concerned” by the Duterte government’s refusal to implement the census.

“This is not a time for political rhetoric, but rather a time to do the hard work of reform,” the commission said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a new poll by the Philippine Institute of Information Technology (PIIT) found that Filipinos view Duterte unfavourably, with a high level of support for the president’s policies.

Overall, the poll showed that 45 per cent of Filipinos have a positive opinion of Duterte, while 43 per cent had a negative view.

The PIIT said it expects the approval rate to reach 55 per cent by 2019.

However, the survey also found that 61 per cent Filipinos would not support Duterte’s proposed ban on foreigners entering the country.

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