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New report shows Japan’s fast food chain, Jiji, may have helped lead to a new outbreak of SARS in Japan

The New York Times has published a damning new report detailing how Jiji fast food may have been instrumental in spreading the SARS coronavirus.

The report, published Wednesday, says Jiji and the fast food company KFC were at the center of a campaign of deception and disinformation to convince the public to eat fast food that was unsafe to eat.

The campaign included a marketing campaign, the promotion of products made with high levels of meat and a video promoting the products as safe to eat, the report states.

Jiji is the owner of Jiji Food Co., which is based in Osaka, Japan.

KFC is the company that is responsible for serving fast food to customers at KFC restaurants in the U.S. and other countries.

According to the report, Jibasan, the company behind Jiji’s restaurants in Osaka and Osaka-based Jibasa, had no control over Jiji.

“Jibasans have no control and no ability to control what Jiji does,” the report says.

“They can not stop Jibasaki from taking actions that are in direct conflict with the company’s corporate and public statements.

This resulted in a chain of events that could not be controlled.”

The campaign to convince people to eat Jiji food was so well-financed that the company could make over $5 billion in profits over the course of the pandemic, the Times says.

The Times reports that the campaign was so successful that KFC, which was founded in 1894, was able to sell more than 40 million hamburgers in the United States in the first week of October alone.

The company was able, in turn, to sell nearly $10 billion in hamburger sales to other fast food chains in the country in the same period, according to the Times.

But Jibsans were also able to control KFC’s actions in the public eye.

Jibsa’s public relations team “was able to use Jibsha’s public image to manipulate the public’s perception of the company and Jibsan,” the Times report states, noting that the team also manipulated social media posts to convince a “small but vocal segment of the population” that Jibsbans restaurants were “safe.”

Jibscans restaurant chain in Osaka also played a key role in the marketing of its food, according the report.

“We know this is a campaign designed to mislead people and we believe that the public has a right to know that the fast-food industry is not to blame for the outbreak,” said Jibbans president and CEO, Yuzo Kondo.

The study says that Jibo, the restaurant chain founded by Jibbsa, was responsible for at least two deaths.

“Kibo did not provide the required level of food safety training for its employees, or the proper training for the workers who were handling the food,” the paper says.

Kibo has since announced a $50 million compensation package for the company.

The Jibashira Food Co. was also involved in the campaign to deceive people.

“The Kibisans’ campaign, which we saw as a direct result of our own efforts, was designed to convince many people to take risks, especially those with little or no knowledge of how to cook food safely,” the study states.

“In this way, the campaign succeeded in convincing many consumers that food safety was not a priority for them.”

The company’s sales have also been hurt by the campaign, according a Kibsas report.

It has also been accused of having a negative impact on the sales of Jibssan’s hamburgets and other fast- food items.

“As a result of this campaign, sales of the products have decreased, and sales of other Jibslans products have also declined,” the company stated.

Jiba Sushi Co. has also faced criticism for its handling of the outbreak.

The fast food giant reportedly took steps to prevent SARS infections by introducing a new “Safeway” product, but those steps have not been enough to stop the spread of the coronaviruses.

In a statement, Jiba said that its new product “is a safe food, and has been shown to be effective in preventing SARS-related infections.”

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